Wedding Registry Wording

By Sara Margulis, CEO & Founder

Guide to Wedding Registry Wording: Tips & Examples for Your Invitations

Sharing your gift registry with wedding guests doesn't have to be complicated. We're here to sprinkle a little fun and flair into crafting the perfect message. With our practical and modern tips, you'll communicate your wishes with just the right wedding registry wording.

Wedding Invitations and Registry Wording

When it comes to wedding invitations, traditional etiquette suggests avoiding direct mention of registries on the main invitation. However, in today's world, many couples include registry or website links on invitation inserts, or through virtual invites. While registry cards are an option, they can sometimes get lost. That's why a wedding website like Honeyfund is becoming the go-to for many couples, offering a seamless way to provide all those important details, including registry information. It's all about making it super easy for your guests to join in on your happiness!

Wedding Website Registry Wording

Your wedding website serves as a hub for guests to find information about your wedding celebration, so it makes sense to include your registry information on your site. Most wedding websites offer a dedicated registry tab, allowing you to link your Honeyfund and express your dreams in your own words. If you're looking for a one-stop shop, Honeyfund is a great place for sharing essential wedding details and your registry, keeping things organized and all in one spot for your guests.

Be genuine and heartfelt in how you communicate your gift preferences on your wedding website, as these are the people who genuinely want to celebrate your special day with a meaningful gift.

1. Get creative with a poem!

For your honeymoon registry:
We know it's not traditional,
It's not the way it's done,
Instead of a wedding list,
We'd like a bit of sun.

We've lived together quite a while,
And all the bills are paid.
We've got our plates, our pots and pans
Our plans have all been made.

So if you'd like to give a gift
To help us celebrate
Something towards our "honeyfund"
We would appreciate!

For your home registry:
They have their dishes and towels for two
They have pots and pans and oven mitts too
So what do you get for the bride and groom
Whose house is setup in every room?

Their house needs repairs and some upgrades, too
But you cannot register for carpet and glue.
A honeyfund list is the way to go
So lets make it easy -- so everyone knows.
A wish list we offer for those who so choose,
To give a unique gift to the bride and groom.

For your cash registry:
Dishes, towels, and all the rest,
We've got it covered, we're truly blessed.
But if you'd like to give us a token,
To help our newlywed bond be unbroken.

2. Write a simple, yet thoughtful message.

For your honeymoon registry:
"We are very grateful to have everything we need for our home together. So instead of traditional housewares, we hope you enjoy browsing our "experience" registry!"

For your cash registry:
"We're thrilled to celebrate with you — and that's the best gift of all. But, if you'd like to contribute to our newlywed life, we've set up a cash gift registry."

For your home registry:
"Your presence on our special day meands the world to us. Instead of traditional gifts, we would be truly grateful for contributions towards our home down payment, wehere we can start our married life together."

For more registry wording examples for your wedding website, click here.

Wedding Shower Invitations and Registry Information

Wedding showers are intended to shower the couple with gifts, so adding your registry information with the invitation is totally appropriate. Honeyfund makes it easy with convenient print cards and a custom QR code that can be included with your shower invitations. Alternatively, you could include a simple line on the invitation. Even if guests don't have a direct link to your registry, they can search by your name.

For example:

"The couple is registered at Honeyfund."

"The happy couple have registered at Honeyfund. You can find their gift registry online at [insert Honeyfund URL]."

Word of Mouth and Registry Communication

Your immediate family, close friends, and wedding party are your cheerleaders. They play a crucial role in spreading the word about your registry preferences. Make sure they're in the loop and ready to share your Honeyfund registry with anyone who asks.

"[Your names] are very excited about their honeymoon to [destination]. They would be extremely appreciative of contributions to their Honeyfund rather than a traditional gift."

More questions about wedding registry etiquette? Check out Etiquette FAQs, How to Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts, and Wedding Gift Etiquette for Guests.

No Registry? No Problem!

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